Stick your pix where you can see 'em.

Order my Stickypix

You get
12 movable stickers
for just $5

Save the whales
(10% of profits go to marine life preservation.)

What are Movable Stickers?

You can move our stickers over and over again.
They won't leave any residue.
Swap them around all you like – they'll keep sticking!

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It's Easy and Fun

Simply connect your Instagram account and choose which 12 Instagrams you want as stickers.

We'll do the rest!

3 Fun Sizes

Large - 2 1/2" square
Medium - 1 7/8" square
Small - 1 1/4" square

Each order comes with 2 large, 6 medium, and 4 small stickers.

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Stickypix Ship Free

Our stickers ship via USPS First Class Mail so they arrive super speedy quick.

"We got our @pixtastix in the mail today!!!! We both LOVE them! Go check them out they print your instagrams right on stickers! #genius"

"stickypix are so fun! I'm always thinking about which Instagrams I want to order next!"

Every purchase helps save marine life.

Stickypix are lovingly made in SLC, Utah